GPL3 License advantages

GPL3 License  advantages

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  1. First of all don’t put words in my mouth. I never claimed to be God at all throughout this conversation so let’s just clear that up right there. Second, (after reading the comments) I am not going to continue engaging in this conversation (especially over youtube) about people who have nothing to do with my life nor effect my life in any way shape or form. So I’ve said my peace, glad this show is over & here’s hoping for better programming from MTV. The M does stand for “Music.”

  2. : je te conseil de le refaire car j’ai eu la même chose pour Titanic (j’ai écrit un roman sur mon mécontentement de cette sortie soit disant une 3D révolutionnaire !), il a pris en compte ma note (5/10) mais pas mon commentaire, l’administrateur me disait que c’était un bug mais je n’ai pas eu le courage de ré-écrire mon commentaire

  3. 230247 confuses me, that’s apparently from 4.4.x. If you’re shipping that already, and you don’t want to ship unrelated software because of a bug in something you’re already shipping, that’s … strange.Anyway, the inital blog was way confusing in that it talked about completely different issues. This kind of communication mishaps can happen.

  4. It’s a darkness war. Those people with the secrets and all those people on the moon seem to be keeping everyone in the dark, and hiding from people. Hardly anybody on earth is allowed to know about who is on the moon, they made a tv show and fed it to the public as real so what’s up with that? Still there are people that think we went to the moon and John Lear sais no, never ever happened. They can make the mind of astronauts believe it. Implant and remove memories, they go to a LOT of trouble

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  7. of spinach in my fridge and thought it would be an interesting way to use it up. Found a recipe here. I wanted to add some feta cheese but did not have any in the fridge. And cheese had to go in the

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  9. Många av historiens bästa författare och poeter skrev sina verk under pseudonym. Tur att de inte blev halshuggna av opinionen innan de ens hunnit skriva sin första bokstav.Seriöst, vilket icke-diskussionsämne. Hur orkar ni?

  10. “A lot of the vaguely Marxist language that pops up in this discourse surprises me: unless this is about owning pricey texts, what’s the trouble?”…Maybe labeling something as “vaguely Marxist” does not lend to a dialogue on this issue of torrents and Buddhism.

  11. this but it is true: Never attribute to malevolence what can be adequately explained by stupidity.The simplest explanation of all this is that Obama and his minions are amazingly incompetent. Surely this is not news.Even though the media formerly known as main stream is not covering this, word is getting out. This story is all over the so-called alternative media: talk radio, Fox news, Rush Limbaugh etc. Their reach is considerable though hard to quantify.God willing, Obama will be gone soon and we can start re-building.

  12. It’s my understanding that TV is a director’s medium, and that’s why the director awards are part of the ceremony and the writers are not. Has anyone watched television lately? Most of the writing is horrible. And now we have a show called Outsourced, about our jobs being sent overseas? Ha-ha, that’s very funny – not. You may get four or five people in all of Flyover Country to watch that. This show will be canceled within weeks. The jobs of the writers who came up with this idea should be outsourced. Tom Shales, if you use that give me credit!

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  15. ‘”Shall not be infringed” is also qualified by the preceding sentence regarding a militia.’No. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…’ is the reason the rights should not be infringed, not a qualification. The definition of regulated and militia are, in fact, irrelevant.

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  18. Kjempefine bilder Petunia… Jeg synes for øvrig den virkelige kombinasjonen av gammel kultur, nye trafikkskilt, folk og turister er sjarmenrende i seg selv… Bryggen er koselig Ã¥ gÃ¥ tur langs nÃ¥r man er pÃ¥ kurs.

  19. Cheers for the comment Andrew,The original brief was for a game, though to me that falls under any form of interactive media or activity.The particular result would be to increase tourism, which is more or less what I’m trying to argue about here, that a cheap generic flash game wont have a 30 year old splash out to come to WAWill be sure to tell you when the next post about this is up as it covers a bit of your opinion, thanks again.

  20. Chapeau pour le boulot Clément, c’est sûr !C’est sûr aussi que ce serait plus simple d’avoir juste à appuyer sur un bouton…Le partage des tâches, il n’y a que ça de vrai : chacun un mois sur trois, c’est exactement ça !Enfin, je me mêle de ce qui ne me regarde pas… A vous de voir ce qui est possible…G&D vaincra

  21. Love Aripos, tasty stuff. Sandwich King did Latin sandwiches on the show yesterday, which looked just as delicious! What a great birthday treat for your mom. Love the rock, put it on your bedside stable in place of you snacky treats. Have a great week!

  22. Bitte, Bitte, ich teile oft und gerne was ich finde mit anderen und den auch den Fundquellen selbst. Verzichten auf extra Plugins, das versuche ich auch sofern das mir möglich ist was meistens gelingt. Was meinst du mit “Bildersets” genau? Stehe da grade etwas auf dem Schlauch…

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  24. I’d like to see an article about novelists going into advertising. Imagine John Updike taking his pen to the problem of selling tampons. Or Kingsley Amis talking about laundry detergent. And I’d love to see what Joan Didion would come up with for the latest Nike Shocks.

  25. A silicon solar cell array, with a collection efficiency of 13%, is required to produce 1.5 kW of power to run?A silicon solar cell array, with a collection efficiency of 13%, is required to produce 1.5 kW of power to run a small pump. If the array is positioned to collect 340 Wm-2 of energy from the sun, how large an area (in m2) does the array need to be to achieve the desired output? show calculation please

  26. I cale szczescie ze nie polknela! Od blisko 20-stu lat patrze oczyma „Icka” i kierujac sie swiadomoscia ,widze swiat otwartym umyslem. Przewrotny charakter felietonow p.Urbana jest, jak kubel zimnej wody na moj ,coraz mniej ,scisniety umysl. Tak trzymac, prosze.

  27. Chaos,Why are you lying again?Jews are in fact very successful in the US. I ACCEPT the statistics. I do not deny them. They are true.All I am asking is that you explain them. Why is that so difficult? Why are Jews so successful in the US?

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  32. BTW.. ich werde dieses Experiment bis zum bitteren Ende durchziehen. UND mein neues SPAM-Projekt wird sich den Russischen Damen widmen die immer mit Foto sehr einsam um einen Mann betteln. Da sollte doch was gehn oder???…

  33. questo è stato un grande anno per gli horror e infatti ne metti 3 in top ten (contando pure Coraline, che, ti posso assicurare, ha terrorizzato i miei nipotini).Io nella mia top20 metterei altri 2 horror: martyrs e  diary of the dead di romero.Bella classifica, la potrei dire mia se solo Two lovers fosse tra i primi tre.ciao!Vincenzo

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  36. Whoa Mandy, I didn’t say that AT ALL! No need to be hostile, my comment has been greatly misunderstood, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. My exact quote was “She’s also been there through everything the past 7 years (as have you)”, because yes, you HAVE been there this whole time, and I’ve never once, nor would I ever suggest, or say otherwise. Again, I’m sorry you misunderstood my comment, but it was far from what I was saying.

  37. you can’t *prove* what would happen in a counterfactual situation. Big difference. In fact, I explicitly *did* consider the counterfactual situation of no government involvement in network development, and in my judgement there would not have been an open-architecture packet switched network. You may disagree all you want. But you keep bleating the same phrase over and over again, without understanding what I’m saying — perhaps you should check yourself for a vestigial tail or other signs of devolution.

  38. hola oye necesito saber si el 5 de diciembre no habra nada en mantenimiento es que voy a ir con varios amigos y queremos subir a todas las atracciones de alto impacto  

  39. The advice about being patient is especially good for me.Being patient (in general) is probably the hardest thing in the world for me …and then to be an impatient writer?! lol, the entire process of finding an agent / getting your work out there and into the public arena is such a slow process that it definitely requires patience.Thanks for the reminders in this post!-Paula

  40. I was there for lunch and agree that the portion was generous and the mac and cheese was perfect and cheesy. They are working the bugs out this first week so be kind – they are sincere in their efforts and are hoping for a nice dinner crowd. Their last location did not support that so let’s show them that SH welcomes their efforts.

  41. Bryan UlphJune 29, 2012How disappointing. Have you any idea as to the reason for the delay until September?Out of interest, when (if!) the exchange is ready for faster broadband, will Costessey users get this service automatically or will we have to apply to our ISP’s ?Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  42. first group post about this talked about how men often have more “friends” on social networks and tend to be on LinkedIn and Flickr. Facebook and MySpace has more women. Men and women on

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  47. All right, I’ll explain: it’s an extra-large poster sticked on the window. But the amazing bit is that the actual flying machine can be seen inside the shop, a lightweight balsa structure spanning approximately 4 metres. It could have been used in a play during last July’s Theatre Festival, but there is nothing in writing explaining anything. So it’s down to pure speculation.

  48. Satya, a few things might be tripping you up. Make sure that you’re alphabetizing the post parameters before concatenating them. If they’re out of order, it won’t work. Add your key onto the end of the string before you hash it. Make sure that the SHA1 hash function you’re using is a) the SHA1 hash function and not MD5 or something else and b) is setup to return a hex value (vs. binary). In PERL, for example, sha1() returns binary so you have to us sha1_hex to get back hex.Hope that helps!

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  50. Bob,next to the embed code on You Tube is a little blue thingy (I’m sure it has a geek name) that drops down settings and you can adjust the size that embeds in a blog. I had the same problem until I accidentally clicked on it and saw I could choose the size, whether it ran with other videos, etc. Hope this helps.

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  52. Yo soy socialista y de izquierdas como el que más pero será que el dinero está mal repartido.Otro día te habría dado menos la razón apechugando con que el PSOE está haciendo cosas mal pero, casualidades de la vida, ahí tenemos a los gercarteristas.No veas lo atacado que me pone Marianico diciendo qué me importa a mí como español.Y lo siento, tampoco entendí la ironía de “antropófago”.

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  54. Just wanted to point out that like in Scotland, the Welsh NHS is independent of the hands of Andrew Lansley, instead being taken care of by the Welsh Government who have ruled out the privatization-based reforms being put through in England!

  55. Mumford and Sons are one of my all time FAVOURITE bands. Each song is so beautiful! I cry during that one, “I wont hold on hope, I’ll pretend to choke, on that noose around your neck” or whatever it is! So sad! Roisin – Im Making Fetch Happen

  56. Like you, all I have heard about this book is great things and how much I would love it.I have tried to start it THREE times and I just can’t get into it. I’m so glad you reviewed it here, it makes me want to try again. I’ll keep you posted… Love that quote.

  57. “………care cred că ar fi meritat un primar mai bun. ÃŽi asigur că voi face tot ce îmi va sta în puteri pentru a le schimba această părere.”Dumneavoastra ati spus asta! Nu inteleg de ce ma cenzurati si mai ales de ce nu va tineti ( nici Dvs. si nici dl.R.Grigorescu ) promisiunea facuta cu 3 zile inainte de alegeri! Ce sa mai inteleg???

  58. Thanks Suzanne. The zoomy feature is great, as is the ‘Amazing Rare Things’ exhibit. I’m a bit jealous of your visit.I wonder if the reversing has come about from tracing the originals and that impression being cut directly into the plates which of course then print in reverse. (But I s’pose there could be a few reasons eg. digital file production)Sir David must be the most loved man in the world. And for good reason. If aliens ever land here, I would want him as our negotiator.

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  60. Hi! I Google “The Nest” today because everyone keeps talking about that site, your blog came up instead and I am so glad! Thank you for posting this hallway project, everything looks so clean, modern and inviting! I’ll be spending the rest of the day reading your other posts :)PS! I live in Queens and also have two dogs, yay!

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